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Wall absorbers

The acoustic element on your wall


Mural with function:AMF THERMATEX® Wall absorber

A particularly refined possibility for quickly and simply improving the room acoustics, even retrospectively, is the use of wall absorbers.

They are especially suited, for example for meeting rooms, where they both visually and acoustically increase the feeling of well-being. The wall panels absorb sound in a room and avoid disturbing “flutter echoes” between parallel walls. The ambient noise is reduced and someone speaking doesn’t have to raise their voice in order to be understood. With special, individually printable acoustic fleece coatings, the effective acoustic solutions look remarkably like a wall mural. Even the installation of the wall absorber doesn’t take any more time or effort than hanging a picture frame.

Construction Variants:

  • THERMATEX® Line modern (ready for installation wall panel)
  • AMF Line style (wall panel with frame)

Installation videos Wall AbsorberTHERMATEX® Line modern