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The ceiling as a highlight of the room


New dimensions in ceilings

The inspiration of the Renaissance, with ceilings as the epicentre of the room and a demonstration of architectural excellence. An eye-catching sign of prestige. AMF‘s goal is to combine in Renaissance aesthetics with performance ceilings.

The design of the ceiling starts with the choice of material. Knauf AMF has a ceiling range that includes mineral, metal, and wood, with each material having its own individual character. The classical appeal of smooth or textured mineral tiles; the cool strength of metal ceilings; and the beauty and variety of natural wood. The options of a wide range of panel sizes, edge details and suspension systems. The ideal choice for the creative designer to combine different materials to achieve the right effect.

Printed - design in wood, metal or motif

  • Wood look

    The cozy, warm appearance of a wood ceiling, whilst meeting the requirements for fire safety and acoustics.
  • Metal look

    Mineral tiles in metal finish - the technical characteristics of mineral combined with the aesthetics of metal ceilings
  • Motif ceilings

    Limitless freedom - AMF mineral tiles with customized printing set no limits on your creativity.
  • Urban style

    The slightly different design. Urban style as a special highlight in expressive ceiling design.
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Regular perforated ceilings


Regular perforated ceiling panels open up many interesting design possibilities, Historically these types of aesthetics have only been available with gypsum or metal panels. Now with THERMATEX® Symetra, AMF are able to offer perforated design options with mineral tiles. A wide variety of different panels have been created by varying hole diameters, spacing and modules. This provides designers with options to select an appropriate ceiling to suit many different spaces.

In addition to aesthetics, the Symetra range has excellent acoustic properties both in sound absorption and sound attenuation. The use of mineral based panels provides other benefits compared to gypsum boards or metal tiles including fire protection of up to 90 minutes. With THERMATEX Symetra, AMF has increased the range with modern contemporary design combined with outstanding technical performance.

THERMATEX Symetra products

Metal - resistant and timelessly elegant

  • Chilled aesthetics

    Metal - a material with character. With its cool, stable surface and its distinctive appearance, shining metal ceilings in an unrivaled quality and timeless design More about metal ceilings
  • Restrained and yet individual

    Metal ceilings are ideal for individual design options and give the space a very high aesthetic paired with high quality. More about metal ceilings
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Ceiling Rafts & Baffles - Highlights with Function

  • Ceiling Rafts

    The acoustic solution with a sophisticated design. Ceiling rafts by Knauf AMF are highlight and offer extraordinary acoustic properties. More about ceiling rafts
  • Baffles

    With Baffle systems from Knauf AMF you can positively influence the room acoustics and at the same time create individual, architectural accents. More about baffle sytems