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System B

System B Screw Systems WeiterThe robust system for ceilings and walls System B is a ball-impact re...

Product Range / System Solutions / System B - Screw Systems


Baffles Optimal room acoustics despite little space WeiterWeightlessAMF THERMATEX® and HERADESIGN...

Product Range / System Solutions / Baffles

Wall absorbers

Wall absorbers The acoustic element on your wall WeiterMural with function:AMF THERMATEX® Wall ab...

Product Range / System Solutions / Wall Absorbers

Ceiling Rafts

Ceiling Rafts Design Highlight for your ceiling WeiterFloatingOur Knauf AMF Ceiling Rafts Especial...

Product Range / System Solutions / Ceiling Rafts

Our product range

Our product range More about our products It is our systematic and solution oriented expertise, tha...

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System S

System S Special Systems WeiterA highlight for the wall It is not only the ceiling that can make a...

Product Range / System Solutions / System S - Special Systems

System C

System C Exposed Systems WeiterSimple yet so exciting System C utilises the exposed grid structure...

Product Range / System Solutions / System C - Exposed Systems

System A

System A Concealed Systems WeiterDecent and calm appearance With System A, we rely on concealed pr...

Product Range / System Solutions / System A - Concealed Systems

System F

System F Free Span Systems WeiterThe ideal solution for corridors System F as a free span system w...

Product Range / System Solutions / System F - Free Span Systems

System I

System I Bandraster System (Parallel System) WeiterPerfectly adapted to the room System I is a par...

Product Range / System Solutions / System I - Parallel Systems


Product Catalogue Knauf AMF Complete system solutions from the experts in suspended ceilings – ...