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Exciting architecture for a relaxed holiday

Exciting architecture for a relaxed holiday

The Family Hotel Amarin in Rovinj (Croatia) is probably one of the most spectacular new hotels in the popular region of Istria, directly on the Adriatic. An exciting architectural concept with continuous changes between adventure and quiet zones characterises this holiday resort. Knauf AMF supplied almost 3,500 m² of ceiling systems for this new construction. This total area consists of five different systems, including the new metal ceiling range AMF MONDENA®.

"I can thoroughly recommend the Family Hotel Amarin for a relaxing family holiday in Rovinj. The hotel is in the upper segment, very child-friendly, well maintained, everything is new and the surroundings are a dream". This verified review comes from a holidaymaker who spent her holiday in the resort with her family.

The investor in the project is delighted with this and many similar reviews. Maistra AG, which was established in 2005, is the leading hotel company in Croatia and currently operates 9 hotels, 8 holiday resorts and 6 camp sites with a total capacity for 35,000 guests. Hotel Amarin is one of the latest projects. It was opened in summer 2016 after a construction time of just 18 months with a total investment of EUR 40 million.

As the architects say, they faced the challenge of creating a hotel complex of this size for the target group which was not uniform but rather varied, not large and impersonal, but cosy. Their concept is based on consistent separation of the public and private areas of the hotel, which are also differently designed. The facilities and rooms are all brightly coloured with unexpected stylistic elements, which are directly linked to the outdoor area. In contrast, the accommodation area has a white colour scheme, with repeated design elements which emanate calmness. Due to their arrangement on the plot, the buildings enable direct views of the sea or of the old town of Rovinjs, and inner retreat areas for guests. Overall, the architecture lives from the interaction between the two "spheres", which are intended to provide active and relaxing holiday phases for children and parents.

The decisive reason for the architects' decision to use Knauf AMF systems was primarily the technical expertise of the two local Knauf AMF employees Aleš Gabrovšek and Igor Cvek. Only a short time was available for planning the entire preparation and coordination of the ceiling construction work. Measurement of the metal ceiling area was also carried out by the Knauf AMF team, which also provided ongoing advice to the architects for all details of the ceiling planning and selection of materials. Igor Cvek provided direct support during the actual installation, including to the general contractor Kamgrad and the specialist craftsmen who carried out the installation.

The wish for a metal ceiling became apparent early in the planning phase. The architects wanted to create a visual contrast to the dominant white surfaces, especially in the entrance area of the hotel. With the selection of the metal ceiling, the architects required edge-free perforations, which were easily provided by the new Knauf AMF product brand AMF MONDENA®. This unique feature was an essential criterion for the selection of this new metal ceiling system. A total of 700 m² were installed in the entrance area. The planners decided on system A, which has the special features of a concealed substructure and concealed construction profiles. The invisible profiles create an unobtrusive but characteristic ceiling with a subdued and elegant appearance. The AMF MONDENA® metal ceiling panels have a format of 412 x 1215 mm, a special format for the perforations, seamless perforation transitions and a mirror finish surface.

An outstanding part of the design with systems from Knauf AMF is the ceiling over the swimming pool and the spa area: 900 m² of HERADESIGN® superfine were installed here. The natural texture of the wood wool is an ideal surface for creative colour schemes. For Hotel Amarin, it was decided to use black (RAL 9005) to optimally accentuate the suspended fishing nets. The boards with a format of 600 x 1200 x 25 and edge version AK-01 were used with System B (screwed installation). They are especially suitable for rooms with a continuously high relative humidity of up to 90%. They reduce the noise level and reverberation time and provide a pleasant acoustic environment even in noisy areas such as the swimming pool.

Knauf AMF also supplied the following products for Hotel Amarin:

  • 1,000 m² HERADESIGN® macro, natural surface, system B, edge version AK-01
  • 200 m² HERADESIGN® fine, natural surface, system B, edge version AK-01
  • 120 m² HERADESIGN® superfine, natural surface, concealed wall mounting, edge version SY-02
  • 450 m² THERMATEX® plain, System C with visible rail construction, format 600 x 600 mm

All HERADESIGN® ceiling boards were supplied in 600 x 1200 x 25 mm format and modified on-site to the ceiling openings, wall and column joints by the installation company.

An essential contribution to the success of this outstanding project, was made by the advice of the Knauf AMF team, who provided intensive support for the architects in the selection of the board details (edges, perforations), direction of installation, wall joints and integration of ceiling lights.