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Heradesign works out at 1Rebel

Heradesign works out at 1Rebel
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1Rebel is a new chic boutique brand of gyms in London. 1Rebel promises that every class feels like a night out. To achieve this, each gym is designed as a mix of contemporary industrial chic with luxury and theatrical glamour. Specified in all five locations by 1Rebel’s architects Studio C102, Knauf AMF Heradesign acoustic ceilings and wall absorbers help the architect fulfil this vision.

Studio C102 Principal Kyriakos Katsaros explains why. “I like Heradesign for two reasons. Firstly, as a practice, we prefer to use building materials in their raw state and Heradesign with its naturally textured surface creates a tactile finish and fits with our ethos and the gyms’ industrial aesthetic. Secondly, I wanted to make the environmental footprint as low as possible for the client. Heradesign helps us accomplish this because it’s produced from sustainable wood-wool.”

In recent years, materials with a visible textured appearance have become very popular. Architects particularly like the contrast of textured ceiling or wall absorbers alongside smooth surfaces, for example, tiles, glass and exposed concrete. Heradesign’s woven surface helps soften these, adding warmth to any interior, making them feel more human.

The environmental credentials of Heradesign give a further layer of appeal to the product. It is manufactured using naturally-sourced raw materials and has a completely neutral biological footprint. Heradesign is extremely durable and can last more than 80 years once installed. At the end of its lifetime, it can be recycled with no detrimental impact on the environment.

Heradesign is installed on the ceilings and walls of the exercise studios. These studios are designed as black rooms with dramatic lighting to create industrial spaces with chic club glamour. Heradesign, in its standard black RAL colour, creates the desired dark background needed to achieve the intended effect and prevent any unwanted glare from spotlights distracting gym-goers. Heradesign can be specified in any colour, offering architects the freedom to create unique interiors.

Heradesign’s Class A sound absorption plays a key role in the studios where 1Rebel instructors offer high-energy classes. Workouts are accompanied by music either through speakers or from the occasional live band playing. Heradesign controls the level of reverberation, ensuring speech and the music are heard comfortably. For peace of mind, Heradesign offers a high level of fire protection, Class A2, essential for all public buildings.

If your project requires an organic, industrial design aesthetic then Heradesign is the perfect choice. To download a brochure, view more case studies or contact a specification manager email or visit

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