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Installation videos on YouTube receive one million clicks

Installation videos on YouTube receive one million clicks

The Knauf AMF installation videos on YouTube are becoming ever more popular: Now the one million clicks mark has been reached. The clicks come from all over the world.

Videos on online portals and streaming services are now amongst the most popular sources of information on the web. According to an international study published at * 2018, YouTube (83%) clearly leads the field. Facebook ranks second with 67%. In Germany, the gap between both platforms is even clearer, at 80% and 51%.

"Six years ago we began to share high-quality installation videos on YouTube," explains Stefan Lankl, Head of Corporate Communications. "They demonstrate clearly and concisely the professional installation of our diverse system solutions." Almost the entire range of systems, from ceiling systems to individual absorbers, can now be found on the YouTube channel. The three most frequently viewed videos show the installation of exposed system C (103,000 clicks), free-span system F (99,000 clicks) and concealed system A with 51,000 clicks.

Exposed System C is Knauf AMF’s most popular ceiling system, not only on YouTube but also in day-to-day business. "We have recently expanded our YouTube collection with three new installation videos for THERMATEX® SF Acoustic in System C," reports Stefan Lankl. The videos show the installation of the grid structure for the sound-absorbing ceiling tiles in the formats 600 x 600 mm and 1200 x 600 mm and the insertion into the grid system, which is only slightly visible thanks to a shadow gap joint. For retrospective work, each ceiling tile can be individually removed. Installation video three shows the optional installation of lighting in the THERMATEX® SF Acoustic ceiling.

Links to the latest Knauf AMF installation videos on YouTube:

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