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Knauf AMF Makes a Big Splash at the University of Strathclyde’s new £31m Sports Centre

Knauf AMF Makes a Big Splash at the University of Strathclyde’s new £31m Sports Centre

The £31m refurbishment of the University of Strathclyde’s Sports Centre brings state-of-the-art training, fitness and wellbeing facilities to the heart of the campus and enhances the quality of the student experience. Optimum sound control was a design imperative for the new centre and so HERADESIGN® and THERMATEX® Aquatec were specified for the project.

220 m2 of white HERADESIGN® macro was installed on the walls around the impressive six-lane 25m swimming pool. A further 1000m2 of THERMATEX® Aquatec formed the ceiling system in the adjoining changing, showering and circulation areas.

Gareth McKnight, Architect, Kennedy Fitzgerald & Associates said, “The biggest challenge was the pool hall as there are only a few systems that meet the anti-corrosive criteria necessary in areas with high humidity. HERADESIGN® is one which is why we have worked with this product on several similar projects. Acoustic performance was also a critical factor in an area where there are a lot of hard harsh services. We worked with an acoustician to measure the reverberation times and HERADESIGN® performed well. We were looking for a white tile, to compliment the interior colour scheme but the wood wool surface of HERADESIGN® micro also brought texture, added depth and interest to the overall interior design.”

Acoustics in sports centres can be challenging. Pool areas have permanently high humidity and are usually lively noises spaces with noise reverberation from tiled surfaces whilst indoor sports halls and gyms tend to be large open hard service spaces. Each of these environments not only need to be welcoming and built for fun they need to be safe, comfortable and conducive workplaces. Swimming instructors and sports coaches need to be able to teach and be easily heard. Importantly lifeguards need to be able to quickly identify a call for help.

Commenting on the installation Andy McFeely of Moorcon Ceiling Contractors said, “This was the first time we had worked with HERADESIGN® and THERMATEX® Aquatec, and we found them easy acoustic panelling systems to work with which provide a good impact resistant surface. We had great on-site support from Knauf AMF regarding fixings and desired finish which was helpful. Having looked at costings Knauf AMF also seem a very competitive option.”

Sound quality is not the only consideration in rooms with permanently high humidity, such as swimming pools, special demands are placed on the ceiling in terms of humidity resistance. Due to its technologically advanced composition, THERMATEX® Aquatec resists humidity up to 100% RH. This means it is dimensionally stable when exposed to high humidity and temperatures from 0–40°C which makes THERMATEX® Aquatec especially suitable for many applications. THERMATEX® Aquatec also has outstanding sound absorption and an easy-clean surface providing an optimal solution for most hygiene requirements.