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Creativity knows no limits

Creativity knows no limits

Knauf AMF extends the HERADESIGN® range of products to almost infinite dimensions: the new HERADESIGN® creative product range offers architects, designers and their clients the opportunity to create interiors with wood wool acoustic panels in almost every desired shape and colour. This means: optimised room acoustics through stylish wall and ceiling surfaces with a unique character.

A few months ago, Knauf AMF commissioned a new CNC machining centre for wood wool acoustic panels at the HERADESIGN® production site in Ferndorf. This created the technical prerequisites for the new HERADESIGN® creative product range. Since then, the possibilities of this production technology have been determined in detail through numerous tests, the necessary processes in production have been defined and the first projects have been fitted out in cooperation with architects and designers.

In the beginning there is always a design idea. HERADESIGN® creative lets fantasy, the design of a room’s walls and ceiling, to become reality, - with no restrictions in form and colour. The new CNC machine technology enables countless processing variants of the wood wool acoustic panels, quick and uncomplicated changeover times and thus maximum flexibility in quantities.

Imagination knows no limits

In order to simplify the guidance for architects, designers and clients in the application as a wall absorber, Knauf AMF has created a basis set of seven different standard individual modules in the standard sizes 300 mm and 600 mm: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, strip, hexagon and parallelogram (left or right). The advantage of HERADESIGN® creative: every deviating dimension or conceivable shape can be realised with bespoke production in Ferndorf. It is also possible to use individual creations as ceiling absorbers.

Room-defining design accents can be achieved with three surface variants: HERADESIGN® fine (fibre width 2 mm), HERADESIGN® superfine (fibre width 1 mm) and HERADESIGN® micro (fine-pored structure) each resulting in an individual surface appearance. The natural texture of the wood wool offers optimum suitability for coating with standard, pastel or full tone colours. The choice here is almost unlimited and of course includes common colour systems such as RAL or NCS.

Two installation types

The HERADESIGN® creative acoustic elements are either adhered to the wall with Knauf Power adhesive or screwed onto a substructure of CD profiles (60 x 27 x 0.6 mm) or wooden lathes (60/30 mm). The HERADESIGN® Bitholder "easy" is ideal for the exact insertion of the screws. The required screw depth must be adjusted before installation on a sample tile.

When installing the tiles with adhesive, careful application with the help of several guides in a grid of 300 mm or 600 mm is important. The first row must be installed with the utmost accuracy. To ensure the elements don’t slip and to ease alignment we recommend using a horizontal stop bar. A compact data sheet explains all installation details.

Characteristic product properties

Like all products of this Knauf AMF brand, the new HERADESIGN® creative wood wool acoustic tiles offer the impressive advantages of magnesite-bonded wood fibre technology:

  • The very good sound-absorbing properties shorten the reverberation time, reduce the noise level and increase speech intelligibility.
  • Magnesite is a hygroscopic and building biologically approved binder. Therefore, in addition to their acoustic and decorative properties, the tiles additionally fulfil moisture and climate regulating functions.
  • Magnesite protects the fibres and keeps them permanently elastic. For the production process only wood from sustainable forestry is used (PEFC® and FSC® certified).
  • The material for HERADESIGN® creative wood wool acoustic tiles consists of 100% natural or renewable raw materials, which are completely used due to zero-waste production. The tiles are 100% recyclable.

Let yourself be tempted by new ideas:

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