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DONN®Suspended Ceiling Grid - Systems and Accessories

The renowned DONN® DX technology as well as the patented gold “Quick-ReleaseTM Clip” on the cross tee have been hallmarks of high-quality ceiling suspension systems for many years. A broad range of products guarantees universal, flexible and certified system compatibility.

For decades, Knauf AMF has been one of the leading, international manufacturers of suspended ceiling systems and represents complete product and system solutions expertise. The company develops, produces and markets innovative and trend-setting system solutions –globally for the modular ceiling and interior systems market.

Knauf AMF has been able to further strengthen its market position with the integration of the DONN® brand and the proven DX technology. With this extension of our expertise in the area of grid structures, we are in a position to offer a wide range of complete, high performance and certified solutions. In addition, more flexibility in system compatibility and increased availability enable optimum service for specialist contractors, architects and distributors.

DONN® DX3 stands for outstanding economy with a clear, discreet appearance.


  • DX Quality

    DX Quality "Made in Europe"

    For DONN® suspension grid production, Knauf AMF operates three production and logistics centres in Europe for the product brand DONN® and DONN® DX.
    In addition, the slitter plant in Antwerp, which is specialised in slitting thin steel and aluminium coils, complements the established DONN® competence and service system with the internal supply of raw materials – Quality “Made in Europe“.
    The continual development of the DONN® DX brand with its main innovations, namely the current grid standard, DX3® and the patented golden “Quick-Release™ cross tee clip”, form the core elements of the current quality and development standards
  • DX3® Technologie

    DX3® Technology

    The improved DX3® technology with the patented 3 rib design gives the main runners of the DX ceiling suspensions even greater rigidity. The main runners are more dimensionally stable and provide even greater torsional strength, making installation simpler and quicker. The result is a stable and secure ceiling grid structure.
    The locked end splice detail design of the main runners enables the profiles to be easily pushed together, even from a distance. The double ribbed end detail ensures increased strength of the connection point.The secure engagement and the resulting solid connection are confirmed with a clearly audible “click”, as with the patented and proven DX clip cross tees.

Wide range of high-performance system solutions

DX systèmes standard

DONN® DX3 24 System C
  • DONN® DX Standard
  • DONN® DX3 24 System C Butt Cut
  • DONN® DX15 System C
Clear lines, subtle appearance and highly efficient

All DX standard systems are characterised by a combination of subtle appearance and high efficiency. The systems are available in 24 and 15 mm profile widths (visible area) and can be quickly and easily demounted and re-used due to the patented “Quick-ReleaseTM Clips” of the cross tees.

  • The DX3® design enables the profiles to be cut quicker and easier thus saving time and energy and benefitting the installer.
  • A weight reduction of around 20% from previous DONN® grids is clearly noticeable when handling on site – the profiles are easier to transport and install.

A further benefit of the DONN® DX standard programme is the availability of alternative colour options for the capping (visible area) in addition to white.

  • Standard colours: black matt LM, metal 06 D, natural aluminium A, chrome M, gold Q
  • Optionally available on request: RAL colours

The DX Standard systems at a glance:

  • DONN® DX3 24 System C Joggle
  • DONN® DX3 24 System C Butt Cut
  • DONN® DX15 System C Joggle
  • DONN® DX15 System C Butt Cut

Design & Aesthetics

DONN® DX Fineline
  • DONN® DX Fineline
The modular ceiling as an elegant visual feature beyond mere functionality

The creation of shadow gaps and reveals to highlight the modularity in a ceiling, as with the DX Fineline system, characterizes this grid system. The system features a box profile with a central groove (6.5 mm width) along the exposed profile that creates a shadow gap of varying visibility, dependent on the rooms lighting conditions.

In addition, the groove enables the direct fixing of partitioning and signage.

The system at a glance:

  • DONN® DX Fineline

Functionality & Creativity

DONN® DX Rapid´ Fix® construction system
  • DONN® DX35 System C
  • DONN® VM System A
  • DONN® VM-DX System A
  • DONN® VM DCS System A
  • DONN® DX Espace System C
  • DONN® DC Espace System F
  • DONN® DP Bandraster System I
  • DONN® DP Bandraster System I
  • DONN® DX24 KB System C, corrosion resistant
  • DONN® DX Rapid´ Fix®
  • DONN® VIC Primary Grid
Suspension systems for special technical requirements, creative ideas and individual system solutions

An increasing number of ceiling applications require special solutions, which cannot be achieved using conventional systems. These include: wide-span, heavy-duty, corridor and corrosion-resistant systems.

The systems at a glance:

  • DONN® DX35 Wide Face System C
  • DONN® VM System A
  • DONN® VM-DCS System A
  • DONN® DX Espace Long Span System C
  • DONN® DC Espace System F
  • DONN® DP Bandraster System I
  • DONN® DX24 System F, Corrosion Resistant
  • DONN® DX Screwfix for Plasterboard
  • DONN® DX Rapid´Fix®
  • DONN® VIC Primary Grid


DONN® Accessories
The key player in the background – the range of accessories is an essential part of the ceiling solution’s design, reliability and functionality

The general quality of a ceiling system is fundamentally determined by the accessories used and coordinated to suit the corresponding profile design. The DONN® range of accessories includes numerous tested hanger, wall angle and ancillary items, which only in their entirety ensure the desired individual look and full functionality of the ceiling systems. All available accessories are marked in accordance with European guidelines.

The DONN Accessories at a glance:

  • Perimeter trim Hanger
  • Nonius hanger
  • Nonius accessories
  • Direct and wall hanger

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