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AMF VENTATEC®Quality and flexibility: ceiling suspension grid system

High material quality and precise technical detailing characterise the standard of the profiles. The high performance product design guarantees the stability, safety and flexibility of the construction. In combination with AMF THERMATEX® , the result is a perfect ceiling solution to meet the highest requirements.

For decades, Knauf AMF has been one of the leading, international manufacturers of suspended ceiling systems and represents expertise in complete system solutions. Knauf AMF develops, produces and markets innovative and trend-setting system solutions globally for the modular ceiling and interiors sectors. AMF VENTATEC®, the ceiling suspension grid system from Knauf AMF, combines the highest quality and system flexibility – both in manufacture and construction as well as in logistics, throughout the entire project process.

This results in substantial time and cost advantages. Outstanding material quality in combination with precise production at modern production plants ensures the constant high quality of the profiles.

AMF VENTATEC® System Solutions

Universal main runner & cross tees

Universal main runner & Cross tees
  • AMF VENTATEC® Universal main runner
  • AMF VENTATEC® Cross Tee

The AMF VENTATEC® grid system offers maximum flexibility as a simple Click- construction, with high or low cross tees in both joggled and butt cut options. 24 or 15 mm profile widths are available, the system can be individually adapted to many aesthetic and functional requirements.

Product / system properties and advantages:

  • Modular system – Click (GK, SG)
  • High stability due to stitching and ribbing
  • Strong connection between main runners and cross tees as a result of the stainless steel end clips
  • Easy to handle and simple to install
  • Audible click confirms secure connection of Click-components
  • Wide range of system fire tests for all common soffit types according to the latest EN 1365-2 in conjunction with EN 1363-1

Our recommended grid components:

  • VENTATEC® Main Runner
  • VENTATEC® Cross Tee

Our recommended VENTATEC® systems:

VENTATEC® Performance T24
VENTATEC® Performance T24 High
VENTATEC® Performance T15 High

VENTATEC® Performance T24

AMF VENTATEC® Performance T24
The optimal grid system

System description

  • Optimal cross-section dimensions for high loading capacity
  • Weight saving due to reduced height of the long cross tees
  • Acoustic or light-weight suspended ceiling versions
  • Designed and tested for Knauf AMF fire rated ceiling systems (according to test certificates)

VENTATEC® Performance T24 High

VENTATEC® Performance T24 High
The system for the highest technical requirements

System description

  • Ideally suited for Knauf AMF fire rated ceilings as well as with AMF THERMATEX® or HERADESIGN® heavy weight ceiling tiles
  • Stable and secure due to 38 mm high main runners and cross tees

VENTATEC® Performance T15 High

VENTATEC® Performance T15 High
Fine and elegant

System description

  • Stable and secure with a finer, more elegant appearance with 15 mm visible profiles.
  • High loading capacity due to 38 mm high main runners and cross tees.

Perimeter trim

AMF VENTATEC® Perimeter trim
Perimeter trim

Can be used universally for the Performance and Performance HIGH systems and for all tile types (lay-in installation)

  • RWL 19/24
  • RWL 24/24


Hanger types

The AMF VENTATEC® grid bulb can be used with all popular hanger types:

  • Quick hangers, hook-eye with butterfly Nonius
  • Direct hangers
  • Wire hangers
  • Push-on, hook-on, twist-on

The hangers shown are examples only. Please observe country-specific restrictions for use.


The earthquake-proof system

The earthquake-proof system

The VENTATEC® Seismic grid system has been tested at the University at Buffalo in New York State under simulated extreme earthquake conditions. The VENTATEC® Seismic grid system was tested together with lighting and ventilation units, in order to replicate a typical suspended ceiling.

Different system configurations are available to fulfil the respective regional requirements – taking into account applicable local building regulations, ground conditions as well as the expected intensity of the earthquake.

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