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Acoustic Ceilings: Trend toward individual complete solutions from a single source

Acoustic Ceilings: Trend toward individual complete solutions from a single source
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What are the trends for interior concepts? After the specialist exhibition space&interiors in Milan, Grafenau ceiling specialist Knauf AMF is convinced that for acoustic ceilings the trend is toward individual complete solutions from a single source. On the colourful exhibition stand, architects and interior designers were able to gain an impression of the wide range of acoustic boards, baffles and ceiling rafts.

Whether for schools, open-plan offices or concert halls: Architects and interior designers are increasingly focussing on acoustics in their interior designs, to reduce sound levels and reverberation times and increase intelligibility of speech. "The demand for individual complete solutions from a single source is increasing", says Klaus Kumerschek, Head of Corporate Communications at Knauf AMF. "Ceiling boards in special formats, a free choice of colours, the possibility of printing motifs, matching subceiling constructions as well as a reliable local partner who provides support and advice during the project. Knauf AMF offers all of these."

Colourful exhibition stand at the space&interiors 2016 in Milan

At the space&interiors 2016 – a new specialist exhibition with 56 exhibitors and 8000 visitors, which was held from 12 - 16 April in Milan – the Knauf AMF was prominently visible. A five metre high information tower acted as an eye-catcher. Behind this was the 30 square metre presentation area, which radiated simple elegance thanks to the grey walls and grey floor. In contrast to this, the company had coloured Wood Wool acoustic boards, baffles and ceiling rafts in all colours of the rainbow. "Customers can choose almost any shade of colour from common colour systems as well as many special colours", said Kumerschek. "Because of this, interior architects are only limited by their imagination."

Ceiling rafts and acoustic rafts with integrated LED lighting were also suspended from the ceiling of the exhibition stand. Just like Wood Wool acoustic boards, these convert sound energy into heat and reduce the volume of sound and the reverberation times in rooms. At the same time, this makes speech more intelligible, as the sound absorption is especially effective in the frequencies which are relevant for speech, between 250 and 4000 Hz.

Knauf AMF is committed to protection of the environment and sustainability in its production

The green Wood Wool acoustic boards were also a symbol for the company's sustainability concept. Knauf AMF uses locally sourced natural raw materials in its production. With the FSC and PEFC seals of approval, Knauf AMF also provides evidence that no wood from illegal logging is used.

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