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Commitment to acoustics enhances patient experience at new Khalifa City hospital

Commitment to acoustics enhances patient experience at new Khalifa City hospital

A new hospital belonging to a leading healthcare institution in Abu Dhabi has reaffirmed its commitment to patient care by installing a suite of high-performance products renowned for their anti-microbial properties. The new facility, located in the residential suburb Khalifa City, has been installed with over 6,500m2 of THERMATEX® Acoustic Hygena ceiling tiles, developed specially to prevent the growth and spread of fungi and bacteria.

With all services provided under one roof, the recently-opened hospital is already an extremely busy environment. From the outset, it was paramount that acoustics were carefully considered in order to enhance the patient experience and protect doctor-patient confidentiality through highly effective sound absorption.

Installed throughout corridors and treatment rooms, the THERMATEX® Acoustic Hygena ceiling tiles have been fitted using an AMF VENTATEC T24 ceiling grid. This extremely high quality, flexible system means that not only are the tiles erected swiftly, thus reducing time on site, but the modular nature of the installation maintains a robust connection resulting in a long-lasting, high-performance suspension product.

Maroun Chaoul, Operations Manager at Perfect Building Materials, specified Knauf AMF for the project and explains why: “I’ve worked with Knauf AMF products before and I’m always impressed by their high quality. In this instance, Knauf AMF fulfilled the acoustic demands as well as the stringent hygiene requirements demanded by the hospital.”

The high sound absorbent properties of THERMATEX® Acoustic Hygena help improve the acoustics in patient areas, creating a restful and calm environment. Thanks to the high levels of sound absorption and 38dB sound attenuation provided by the ceilings, sound travel is greatly reduced, allowing confidential consultations to be carried out between patients and doctors.

The performance characteristics of THERMATEX® Acoustic Hygena make it an ideal ceiling for healthcare and cleanroom environments. The tiles are manufactured with an anti-microbial treatment to repel bacteria and fungi growth on the ceiling. The tiles have low air permeability, which helps prevents dust and dirt build up, reducing the risk of contamination. The ceiling tiles also have a high humidity resistance of up to 95% RH which means that even in damp conditions and high temperatures they remain stable.

At 19mm thick, the visible surface is an elegant, smooth white with a high light reflection of 88%. In addition to the associated improved feelings of wellbeing, the natural daylight reduces the need for artificial light, minimising utility costs for the building.

Knauf AMF Ceilings manufacture their high-performance acoustic ceiling systems in the largest mineral fibre plant in Europe. It is one of the most modern factories in the world. Knauf AMF continue to innovate and develop new suspended ceiling products including rafts, baffles and acoustic wall panels. To find the best performing products for your project, contact Knauf AMF regional office in Dubai at or visit