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HERADESIGN® – a study in red

HERDAESIGN® – a study in red

AXO Student Living provides high quality student residences in the UK. To satisfy increasing demand for places in the Midlands area, AXO commissioned a new purpose built construction within an existing site, Sherbourne House in Coventry. This new accommodation offers over 115 studio rooms plus internal and external communal spaces. Heradesign ceilings from Knauf AMF are fitted in the acoustically-demanding areas to help create an environment that’s conducive for study and relaxation.

Architect Seán Kehoe at Fraser Brown Mac Kenna specified Heradesign after having attended a CPD: “We chose Heradesign because of its textured effect that would provide a tactile quality and soften the space both aesthetically and visually. Colour matching was important to this project. A significant advantage with Heradesign is that we could match the ceiling exactly to the colour of the walls and floors to create the visually striking circulation spaces that satisfied the client brief.”

Heradesign was specified in red and neutral colours to help define the verticals and horizontals in the circulation areas. Heradesign was fitted in the corridors using the Knauf AMF free-span system to give these areas a visually-open feel. The full-width corridor panels lay on perimeter trims at both ends, so the grid and joints are concealed. The architect particularly liked how Heradesign fitted together to accentuate the available space, allowing the linear light fittings to slot between the panels with no visible trim or frames.

Circulation areas are prone to unwanted noise travelling from one area to another which can be distracting for students working or resting in their rooms. To combat this Heradesign was chosen to provide Class A sound absorption and a high level of sound insulation to improve privacy for students.

Fire protection is a key requirement for all public areas. Heradesign is classified A2 fire performance to prevent flame spread with no significant contribution to the development of a fire.

The architect chose neutral colours for the common room as this is an area where students can relax and socialise. Heradesign was specified in its Natural colour to enhance the interior. The ceiling design incorporates Heradesign interspersed with timber elements to add visual interest. Heradesign planks continue along the back wall to follow the geometry of the roof.

Sean Kehoe was particularly impressed with the help provided by Knauf AMF in putting the specification together and with their support during the installation. “The time schedule for this project was extremely tight (eight and a half months) and I really appreciated being able to pick up the phone to the specification manager at any time. Questions were answered promptly and their advice on how to ensure the ceiling fixings in the corridors are hidden was invaluable. I am currently specifying another project with help from Knauf AMF.”

Knauf AMF are renowned for finding bespoke solutions for challenging interiors. If you would like to arrange a RIBA approved CPD with your area manager or talk to a specification manager about your project, contact Knauf AMF 0191 518 8600 or email

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