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Heradesign create intelligent acoustics

Heradesign create intelligent acoustics

The purpose-built Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPdA) at the University of Cambridge creates a nurturing environment for some of the world’s brightest minds. The centre’s bespoke support facilities are designed to help stimulate thought, share knowledge and provide networking opportunities for postdoctoral researchers who play a vital role in the university’s world-class research.

Heradesign acoustic ceilings and wall absorbers from Knauf AMF were chosen as part of the vision for Saunders Boston Architects who wanted an organic, raw aesthetic featuring exposed services and uncamouflaged building materials.

Heradesign is a popular choice for specifiers who want to produce a less processed, simpler aesthetic. Research shows that connection to the natural environment can improve overall wellbeing. Heradesign is manufactured from sustainable wood-wool sourced from PEFC and FSC certified forests. Its naturally textured surface offers a sense of comfort helping occupants feel in touch with nature.

Visitors to the OPdA are welcomed in the open plan reception where a Heradesign ceiling raft provides Class A acoustic control and creates visual impact. Specification Manager Sacha Conte explains why Heradesign is the ideal choice, “The raft comprises individual Heradesign panels fitted to a concealed grid to give an almost continuous appearance. It’s hung using discreet wires so it looks as if it’s floating, creating a striking feature which integrates seamlessly with the exposed services and lighting.”

Heradesign is versatile as it can be installed in a number of ways: as a suspended ceiling with either a concealed or exposed grid system; screw mounted to the ceiling; hung as rafts or baffles; or fixed as wall panels, making Heradesign perfect for new build, refurbishment or historic buildings. Heradesign can be specified in any colour – enabling true design freedom.

This design aesthetic continues into the centre’s circulation areas and multi-functional spaces. The large meeting room can be divided into two. When used in this configuration, the acoustic demands are particularly challenging. Heradesign ceiling rafts and wall absorbers work together to provide additional acoustic control, limiting the transference of unwanted sound, ensuring speech can be heard and understood in both spaces.

Heradesign wall absorbers are highly durable. They protect the centre’s circulation areas from knocks and damage and still look pristine. Heradesign offers the highest class for impact resistance: Class 1A. Heradesign’s outstanding sound absorption improves privacy for researchers by ensuring unwanted noise does not travel from the stairwells to adjoining rooms.

If your project has a complex mix of acoustic and aesthetic challenges, Knauf AMF can provide a solution that will work for any interior. To contact a sales manager, order samples or view more case studies visit or email

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