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HERADESIGN® creates a warm, contemporary retail experience

HERADESIGN® creates a warm, contemporary retail experience

The Vape Superstore in London E8 has been shortlisted for the Retail Space Award in the 2017 FX International Interior Design Awards. This flagship store is the first of a chain of retail outlets primarily located in the capital. Designed by Catherine White Interiors, the contemporary environment creates a welcoming ambience for customers. HERADESIGN® from Knauf AMF is installed as a large ceiling raft to enhance the modern interior and offer outstanding acoustic control.

Catherine White explains her vision for the interior and why HERADESIGN® was an integral part of the design: “The aim was to create a retail space that reflected the brand’s ethos. It was important to use natural materials where possible to produce a clean, organised, inviting interior. HERADESIGN® fitted the brief perfectly because it is a made from wood. I like how the woven texture evokes a subconscious feeling of nature. The ceiling raft was easy to install and we could affix the lighting and air conditioning with ease. The result is just what I wanted and the client is very happy.”

HERADESIGN® is a popular choice for architects and interior designers who want to produce a less processed, simpler aesthetic. Research shows that connection to the natural environment is shown to improve overall wellbeing. HERADESIGN® is manufactured from sustainable wood-wool sourced from PEFC and FSC certified forests. Its naturally textured surface offers a comfortable feeling helping occupants feel in touch with nature.

Natural materials also offer high performance characteristics that contribute to the comfort of a building. To help create a relaxed atmosphere for their customers, acoustic control was a necessity for the Superstore. HERADESIGN® has the highest rating for sound absorption and sound insulation to help protect customers from unwanted traffic noise.

In keeping with the clean aesthetic for the Vape Superstore, HERADESIGN® was specified in white. But HERADESIGN® can be produced in any colour to create a myriad of looks and interior themes, enabling true creative freedom.

Hung as a large ceiling raft, the individual HERADESIGN® planks are fitted together using a concealed grid to give an almost monolithic appearance. Ceiling services easily integrate with the raft. HERADESIGN® offers a number of hanging options: fitted as a suspended ceiling, hung as rafts or baffles, or directly onto walls or ceilings.

HERADESIGN® is manufactured to be long-lasting and has a 15-year guarantee. When the time comes, it can be recycled or disposed of without any detrimental impact on the environment.

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