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Heradesign is rated outstanding

Valley Invicta Primary School at Leybourne Chase

Heradesign is rated outstanding

Valley Invicta Primary, Leybourne Chase, is a new school built in the heart of the Kent countryside. The layout and design of the school and grounds provide a safe and secure environment for pupils, staff and visitors, including children with special educational needs.

Innovative Heradesign ceiling and wall panels from Knauf AMF were chosen for this contemporary building. Architect Mark Nolan of Lee Evans Partnership explained why: “I was looking for acoustic panels that provided high sound absorption and offered something different aesthetically. Heradesign has more than satisfied these requirements. The baffles and wall panels look fantastic.”

To comply with the Priority School Building Programme’s energy model, to waste less energy and emit less CO2, thick concrete soffits are fitted throughout the school to reduce the cooling and heating demands of the building, making it more energy efficient. Heradesign vertical baffles are fixed to the concrete surface to allow the air to circulate freely and at the same time providing acoustic control.

Heradesign is a versatile product that can be fitted as a suspended ceiling, hung as rafts or fins, or directly onto walls or ceilings to create truly unique interiors. Installing Heradesign vertical baffles provided the necessary sound absorption to control the level of reverberation in the classrooms, helping create learning environments where children and staff can easily hear and understand one another. Heradesign offers the highest Class A sound absorption which has enabled the architect to reduce the number of baffles originally specified, saving on construction costs.

Heradesign is manufactured from sustainable, superior-quality wood-wool. The textured woven surface of Heradesign is durable and offers high impact resistance making it ideal for school interiors. Heradesign wall panels are fitted around the main hall to withstand tough wear and tear in this multi-purpose environment and control sound.

Mark Nolan specified Heradesign in white, but it can be matched to any colour including those from popular colour systems including RAL, NCS and StoColor. Heradesign is also available in a wide selection of face patterns, edge details and bespoke sizes.

If you’re designing a multi-faceted building and would like assistance on how to ensure it complies with Building Regulations contact the team at Knauf AMF on 0191 518 8600 or email

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