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New build high school Gymnasium A+ (Kiev) with bespoke acoustic solutions [Case Study]

New build high school Gymnasium A+ (Kiev) with bespoke acoustic solutions [Case Study]

The Gymnasium A+ in Kiev, newly built in 2018, is innovative in every respect. This starts with the teaching method and ranges from architecture and interior design through to the energy concept and functional, detailed solutions. This includes bespoke room acoustics with ceiling solutions from Knauf AMF. These create ideal conditions for the 600 students to concentrate and learn collectively.

After nine months of construction, the Gymnasium A+ was opened in August 2018 as part of the Comfort Town residential complex on the left bank in Kiev - developed by KAN Development as a "high-tech, digitalised education project". The mission of this modern institution is to provide individual learning approaches for each of the 600 students. An ideal environment for creative and efficient learning needed to be created. The school building was built in the modern architectural style with elements of functional minimalism and according to Igor Nikonow, founder of KAN Development; it is so far unique in the Ukraine. In addition to classrooms - including computer science, biology and chemistry - and a science laboratory, the facility offers other extras. These include a canteen with a focus on healthy eating, a cosy café, a digital and a traditional library, a school theatre, a large concert hall for 200 people, a technical lecture hall, and a sound and music studio.

Gymnasium A+: Prototype and role model
Also in terms of building technology, the Gymnasium A+ is "state of the art". During the planning phase, focus was placed on autonomy and energy efficiency. Starting with geothermal heating via special window glazing for heat regulation in the classrooms to solar panels in the courtyard and a three-stage water treatment system, everything is state-of-the-art. Alexander Svystunov, chief architect of the city of Kiev, explains: "This project by KAN and Archimatika shows what educational institutions should look like today. It could be a prototype and role model for others involved in designing schools."

The client set the benchmark correspondingly high in the choice of project partners. Due to the successful realisation of a similar construction project in the past, Knauf AMF was chosen to perfect the acoustics of the building. Maria Bokun, Regional Sales Manager for the Ukraine at Knauf AMF: "Our past shared experiences have been very positive, the architects Archimatika and the contractor KANBUD were already familiar with what we offer, our capabilities and our service. This was an important argument for the renewed cooperation" she explains. "A school is always a challenge because design decisions involve a wide variety of functional rooms and require flexible solutions."

Aesthetic and acoustic comfort
"We carried out acoustic calculations for some central rooms, including the library, the lecture hall and the assembly hall," says Maria Bokun. "The key requirements for our products were aesthetics, acoustic comfort, environmental friendliness and ease of installation and maintenance," says the Regional Sales Manager. When choosing suitable acoustic panels and ceiling tiles the functional purpose of the individual rooms as well as the visual ideas of the architects had to be considered. At the same time the longitudinal sound insulation between the rooms and the sound absorption in the rooms both had to be optimised. Selected, exceptionally high quality products from the Knauf AMF product range were used, including 1060 m² of THERMATEX® Alpha acoustic tiles made of biosoluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch (sound absorption class A) in two different sizes. In addition to acoustics, the tiles also fulfil important fire protection and hygiene requirements and thanks to the acoustic fleece, have a sophisticated appearance. 1660 m² THERMATEX® Antaris (sound absorption class B) and 85 m² THERMATEX® Acoustic in plank format (Dn,c,w 40 dB, sound absorption class C) were also installed.

Floating lightness with ceiling rafts
An important part of the interior design concept of Archimatika and Svoya Studio are the TOPIQ® Sonic element ceiling rafts in three different shapes, of which a total of 434 have been installed. The rafts combine floating lightness and simple form with acoustic effect. Unusual, in terms of installation are the triangular elements with rounded corners, which create a light and delicate lace pattern in the entrance area and represent a characteristic design solution for this project. Maria Bokun: “The high installation quality and the precision of the installer should be emphasised, as all distances between the rafts had to be kept exact. The contractor has done an excellent job here, not least thanks to his experience in past projects with our ceiling rafts.” The second major challenge was the installation of rectangular rafts at a high level in the lecture and concert areas. Again, the highest accuracy was required with spacing, to achieve the desired optical effect in addition to the acoustics. With the design and calculation of bespoke dimensions for the triangular TOPIQ® Sonic element ceiling rafts for the foyer and THERMATEX® Alpha ceiling tiles for the corridors, Knauf AMF has once again shown great flexibility and willingness to adapt products to meet the acoustic and creative requirements.

The result of the collaboration is impressive - both visually and functionally. Thus, the acoustic design of the building makes an important contribution to the motto of the Kiev Gymnasium A+ high school - "Learn! Create! Work together!" - to fill the school with life and provide ideal conditions for a quiet, pleasant learning environment.

Building info Gymnasium A+, Kiev

  • Address: Berezneva Str. 14, 02160 Kiev (
  • Client & Developer: KAN Development
  • Contractor: KANBUD
  • Architect: Archimatika ( & Svoya Studio
  • Total area: 8163 m²
  • Construction period: 9 months
  • Opened: 18.08.2018

Knauf AMF products:

  • 440 m² THERMATEX® Alpha 1200x300х19 mm VTS-15 + DONN® T-15
  • 620 m² THERMATEX® Alpha 1200x600х19 mm VTS-15 + DONN ® T-15
  • 1660 m² THERMATEX® Antaris 1200/600x600x15 mm SK + DONN ® T-15
  • 85 m² THERMATEX® Acoustic 1800/1500x300х19 mm AW/SK + VENTATEC® T-24
  • 248 pieces TOPIQ® Sonic element rectangle 1200x600 mm
  • 102 pieces TOPIQ® Sonic element circle d=1200 mm
  • 84 pieces TOPIQ® Sonic element triangle with round edges 1485x1050x1050 mm

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