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Strong Results in 2018 - Top Prospects for 2019

Strong Results in 2018 - Top Prospects for 2019

The past financial year was very satisfactory for Knauf AMF GmbH & Co.KG - the already high level of sales and turnover in 2017 was once again exceeded in 2018. The prospects for 2019 are very promising.

"We have taken the right path with our complete system solutions approach," said Knauf AMF Managing Director Karl Wenig at the staff meeting in the Forum AMF. "Despite the difficult global conditions, the global economy continues to grow. As we have a broad international presence, this is a good basis for our future."

Through extensive investments in highly innovative production technologies, the Grafenau ceiling specialist counteracted the ever increasing costs of raw materials and energy. At the Austrian location in Ferndorf in particular, this was achieved with a new system that enables consistent cycle production (zero-waste). At all locations, Knauf AMF also permanently invests in occupational safety.

The pleasing business development and the associated additional production led to a significant increase in the number of employees in 2018. This also applies to international markets in which Knauf AMF recognises opportunities and has a presence. In 2018, for example, the company strengthened its personnel in the future markets of Peru, Tanzania and Indonesia.

For the recruitment of employees, a special campaign was launched to convince potential applicants with fresh ideas. At the same time, great value was placed on internal communication. In January 2018, the AMFgo app was launched. This provides global employees with all important company information in a timely manner and independent of location; A big step in digital communication.

The company wants to maintain the momentum of last year in 2019. Karl Wenig: "The market environment for our products remains exciting. We are seeing a trend towards demanding and individual solutions, in which technology and design grow closer together. We gladly accept this challenge! "

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