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Share Square – Space for creative ideas

Share Square – Space for creative ideas

Share Square is the name of an innovative project in the Savamala district of the Serbian capital Belgrade. Knauf AMF, the acoustics specialist from Grafenau, supplied wood wool acoustic panels from the new product line HERADESIGN® creative for this co-working café. These not only provide peace, but also bring colour and structure into the open, two-storey space.

Sharing space, working together, working out new ideas, learning something - all this is behind the Share Square concept. It was realised by the charitable organisation Coordinaide at the end of 2017 in the culturally active district of Savamala in Belgrade. 600 square metres are available for individual work, team-working, business meetings or meeting friends. Visitors do not pay for the coffee, the other refreshments and the Internet access, but for the time they spend there. In addition to the space, knowledge and skills are shared in this communicative meeting place. In addition to the central check-in, there are various meeting rooms, as well as co-working zones with large tables and laptops, cosy lounge areas with sofas, armchairs and floor cushions, a modern kitchen, an IT room and various "labs", such as the "sound lab" for musical experiments. "A perfect place for modern nomads to learn new things, meet interesting people and have fun", writes the young architect Zlata Golaboska after visiting the location on the travel platform

High requirements for acoustics and optic
Share Square has been integrated into an existing apartment building with offices on the ground floor. The conversion had to be done quickly and at an optimal price / performance ratio. The acoustics were inadequate before the start of the reconstruction work and the appearance not very appealing. Both had to be changed for the planned use. A cooperative café means: people in a predominantly open space situation, many parallel conversations and constant coming and going. On the other hand, visitors require peace and quiet to concentrate on work. When planning the conversion, special attention had to be paid to the aspect of room acoustics - in other words, to shorten the reverberation time, reduce the noise level and increase speech intelligibility. In search of suitable partners, Japanese builder Ryo Koshikawa Ragland, founder and CEO of Coordinaide, came across Knauf AMF, the specialist for acoustic room solutions. "Ryo Koshikawa Ragland contacted us and wanted to know which material from our portfolio was best suited for improving acoustics and the atmosphere, how much would be needed and how the panels are installed," says Dejan Popović, Knauf AMF's technical consultant for the territory of Serbia and Montenegro.

Quiet working conditions, good room climate
After detailed on-site consultation by Dejan Popovic, it was decided that HERADESIGN® creative would be used, newly introduced in 2018. It offers architects, designers and their clients the opportunity to create interiors with wood wool acoustic panels in almost every desired shape and colour scheme. This means: optimised room acoustics through stylish wall and ceiling surfaces with a unique character. In the Share Square, HERADESIGN® creative wood wool acoustic panels were used with the superfine surface finish (fibre width: 1 mm). They are highly suitable for direct fixing to walls. More than half of the material was adhered to the large and previously completely white walls. Only in the "sound lab" were the tiles fixed to CD profiles with mineral wool behind to improve the sound dampening effect and optimise the sound of the music. These acoustic panels are also an ideal solution for a healthy room climate, since the main components - wood, magnesite and water - make them a natural product and thus biologically harmless. They also fulfil moisture and climate regulating functions.

Large area patterns in bold colours
In addition to the functional properties and the uncomplicated processing, the founder of Coordinaide was particularly impressed by the design possibilities of the wood wool acoustic panels. With HERADESIGN® creative, there are no limits to your imagination due to the range of different forms, sizes and surfaces. The client designed the interiors himself and put forward ideas for the form and colour of the individual wall surfaces. The result was large-scale patterns in strong and luminous tones, some of which look like modern works of art and give Share Square a cheerful and motivating atmosphere. Ryo Koshikawa Ragland: "Many people who come here are impressed and we too are also very pleased with the result."

Building Info

  • Building: Share Square Belgrade, Savamala District, Koče Popovića 4, Belgrade 11000, Serbia,
  • Client: Ryo Koshikawa Ragland, Coordinaide
  • Interior Design and contractor: Ryo Koshikawa Ragland, Coordinaide
  • Consultant: Dejan Popović (Knauf AMF)
  • Products used: HERADESIGN® creative superfine

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