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"Playground" for innovative ideas

HERADESIGN® creative in the working café of SER Austria

The employees of SER Austria should be creative and motivated. What could be more appropriate than to design the working environment accordingly? At the office in Pasching, a new working café has created a "playground" for innovative ideas - with wood wool acoustic panels from the new HERADESIGN® creative product range from Knauf AMF.

SER is an internationally active software manufacturer for Enterprise Content Management, ECM for short. Since 1998, the company has operated one of three branches in Austria at PlusCity in Pasching near Linz. Located on the 5th floor of the shopping centre, the SER Dependance covers a total of 330 square metres. During the period from May to October 2018, the premises were renovated and redesigned. The aim of the redesign was to create more open office structures and thus more transparency than previously in order to offer employees a future-oriented work environment. At the same time, the visual and acoustic quality should be significantly improved. OFFORA were selected as interior designer and planner.

Maximum individuality - high efficiency

Colours, materials and atmosphere played an important role in the development of the design concept - as did the incorporation of the SER corporate identity, which was achieved through the selection of colours on the wall, ceiling and floor. Since maximum individuality and high efficiency are trademarks of HERADESIGN® creative, the designers decided to use the new product line from Knauf AMF in the working cafe of the SER office. The wood wool acoustic panels were used as 600 mm hexagons in superfine with AK01 edges. "We have worked with HERADESIGN® products before and are convinced of the quality, functionality and variety of design options. However, HERADESIGN® creative was used for the first time in this project" says Natalie Pichler, Interior Designer at OFFORA GmbH.

Central theme: Lowering the sound level

The approximately 20 square metre working café is a mix of meeting room, café and communicative meeting point - equipped with a large wooden table with chairs and a coffee station. At the back, there is a funcourt zone, separated by a glass wall and glass door, but optically united with the meeting room. Natalie Pichler: "In the approximately ten square metre funcourt with reverberant surfaces on all sides there is a table football table. HERADESIGN® creative has a very positive acoustic effect on the wall and ceiling. "The reduction of the sound level was a central theme especially in this busy area, but also for meeting situations at the large table,. The acoustic ceiling also makes an important contribution to this. HERADESIGN® superfine ceiling rafts in dark grey were installed here.

Acoustic tiles in the colour concept of the corporate identity

At a workshop with an SER project group, a concept was developed in advance. The wood wool acoustic panels are colour-coordinated with the corporate identity - including bright blue and orange, which can be found, for example, in the upholstered chairs. "Since we implemented the corporate identity of the company in the concept, we had to deviate from the standard colours of the panels - that was a challenge, but it worked perfectly." The colour combination was created using a 3D representation from OFFORA. "This allowed us to define the colours and make them tangible to the customer," explains the interior designer. The pattern of hexagons in the form of 600 mm hexagon superfine panels covers the walls and ceilings of the funcourt and is seamlessly continued with another material in the floor design.

The result: rooms for comfort

The logistics were dealt with by the construction management and the contractor, the company Pagitsch. When the hexagonal wood wool acoustic panels were installed by the specialist, everything ran smoothly, as Natalie Pichler emphasises. The interior designer: "We are absolutely convinced by HERADESIGN® creative and we are looking forward to designing new projects with this product." And the employees of SER also feel comfortable in the new rooms, which exceed their function through the new acoustic and design quality which has a positive effect on the working atmosphere.

Project info
Building: Working café, SER Austria offices
Completed: 2018
Location: PlusCity, Pasching/Linz (AT)
Client: SER Solutions Austria GmbH, Vienna
Interior design: Jürgen Holler and Natalie Pichler, OFFORA, Linz
Contractor: Pagitsch GmbH, Tamsweg
Products used: HERADESIGN® creative, hexagon 600 mm superfine, AK01
HERADESIGN® ceiling rafts superfine

HERADESIGN® creative

HERADESIGN® creative wood wool acoustic panels let your fantasy become reality in terms of wall and ceiling design – with no restrictions in form and colour. The new CNC machine technology enables countless processing variants of the wood wool acoustic panels, quick and uncomplicated changeover times and thus maximum flexibility in quantities. The HERADESIGN® creative basis set consists of eight dif-ferent standard individual modules in the standard sizes 300 mm and 600 mm: cir-cle, triangle, square, rectangle, strip, hexagon and parallelogram (left or right). These elements are compatible with each other. Other dimensions and shapes can be real-ised with bespoke production. The three surface variants fine (fibre width 2 mm), su-perfine (fibre width 1 mm) and micro (fine-pore texture) each produce a different sur-face appearance. The natural texture of the wood wool is ideal for coating with standard, pastel or solid colours. The choice here is almost unlimited and of course includes common colour systems such as RAL or NCS. Further information:

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