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“durable and timelessly elegant”


AMF MONDENA®the new product brand from Knauf AMF

The metal ceiling system from Knauf AMF creates recognition and underlines the excellent expertise profile. The product programme ranges from square edge lay in systems through free-span corridor ceilings, right up to specialised individual solutions. Application-specific ceiling solutions – that is what Knauf AMF as an innovative ceiling manufacturer represents with the launch of the metal product range. Always in focus – Knauf AMF is the complete systems solutions provider for the modular ceiling!

Metal ceiling tiles are virtually maintenance free, have a very long product life and are insensitive to environmental conditions.

Using metal tiles has many advantages: Demounting for maintenance is quick and easy, problem-free cleaning thanks to the smooth and robust surface and they are excellent for use in areas with increased technical requirements due to the variety of coatings and construction options.

Metal System solutions

System C: Exposed System

AMF MONDENA® Exposed System C
  • AMF MONDENA® lay in system VT
  • AMF MONDENA® lay in system SK
  • AMF MONDENA® lay in system SK plank cassette
The simplest and most cost-effective

As an exposed system, system C is the simplest and most cost-effective variant for laying metal cassettes in a traditional grid construction. The well-known construction system, recognised for its efficiency, ensures quick and easy installation, whereby every individual cassette is removable without tools for cleaning or maintenance work. The AMF MONDENA® metal cassettes with square edge (SK) lie flush in the construction, whilst recessed edge (VT) cassettes emphasise the ceiling module and the modular construction.

Our system solutions for exposed system C at a glance:

  • AMF MONDENA® lay in system VT
  • AMF MONDENA® lay in system SK
  • AMF MONDENA® lay in system SK plank casette

System advantages:

  • Affordable and economical ceiling solution
  • Cassettes installed and demounted without tools
  • The tiles can be removed by hand at any time, providing quick and simple access to the ceiling void.

Application areas:

  • Ideal for administrative and industrial buildings, retail spaces, hotels, department stores, schools, exhibition rooms, offices, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, etc.

Download catalogue:

AMF MONDENA® Product Catalogue

System A: Concealed System

AMF MONDENA® Concealed System A
  • AMF MONDENA® clip in system square cassettes
  • AMF MONDENA® clip in system planks
  • AMF MONDENA® hook on system planks
The concealed system solution

System A is characterised by its concealed grid construction and concealed construction profiles. The concealed profiles result in an elegant and clean appearance, contributing significantly to an unobtrusive ceiling. The metal tiles are efficient and easy to install and are available with swing-down function where required. Adapted to individual requirements, the ceiling void can be accessed at any time.

Our system solutions for concealed system A:

  • AMF MONDENA® Clip in system square cassettes
  • AMF MONDENA® Clip in system planks
  • AMF MONDENA® Hook on system planks

System advantages:

  • Concealed grid construction
  • Easy to adjust to the room geometry
  • The ceiling tiles can be individually removed at any time (optional swing-down)
  • Efficient and simple installation
  • Very stable system

Application areas:

  • For small and large areas
  • Ideal for administrative and industrial buildings, retail spaces, department stores, exhibition rooms, office buildings, service rooms, sanitary facilities, technical rooms, commercial kitchens etc.
  • For ceiling areas with high maintenance requirements

Download catalogue

AMF MONDENA® Product Catalogue

System F: Free span system

AMF MONDENA® Free Span System F
  • AMF MONDENA® Corridor system – planks hook on with optical shadow gap
  • AMF MONDENA® Corridor system – planks lay on perimeter trim
Perfect solution for corridors

System F, which can span up to 3.00 m, is the ideal solution for corridors. It is quick and efficient – both in terms of installation and for maintenance work – as the individual tiles can be demounted without tools. Another advantage is that almost 100% of the ceiling void can be used for installation of services (ventilation shafts, cable trays, wiring etc.). The corridor tiles are hooked both ends onto horizontal Z profiles or lay on aluminium perimeter trims. Consequently, no vertical hangers are necessary. The optical shadow gap of the corridor hook on system enables corridors to achieve a prestigious and modern look.

Our system solutions for free span system F:

  • AMF MONDENA® Corridor system – planks hook on with optical shadow gap
  • AMF MONDENA® Corridor system – planks lay on perimeter trim

System advantages:

  • No grid structure necessary
  • Very low system height
  • Flexible shadow gap
  • Easy installation and demounting Access without tools
  • Almost 100% of the ceiling void can be used for installations (ventilation shafts, cable trays, wiring etc.)

Application areas:

  • Corridors, traffic areas
  • Ceiling projects with no possibility for suspension hangers
  • For ceiling projects with very little space in the ceiling void

Download catalogue:

AMF MONDENA® Product Catalogue

System I: Bandraster System

AMF MONDENA® Bandraster System I
  • AMF MONDENA® Bandraster System IBandraster system with exposed C-profiles
The flexible system solution

System I is a parallel emphasised ceiling construction with exposed main profiles to match the architecture and module of the building. Lightweight partition walls can be connected to the Bandraster profiles enabling flexible room division and layouts. The short sides of the plank tiles lie on and span freely between the C-Bandraster and can be removed without tools at any time. The flexible choice of Bandraster centres open up excellent design and layout options.

Our system solution for bandraster system I:

AMF MONDENA® Bandraster system with exposed C-profiles

System advantages:

  • C-Bandraster profiles enable simple connection of partition walls and lighting systems
  • Tiles can easily be removed by hand providing quick and simple access to the ceiling void.
  • Can be aligned with building axes or facade posts
  • Individual lay-out of C-profiles
  • Custom ceiling design
  • Very adaptable system

Application areas:

  • Ideal for office complexes, rooms with flexible layouts, suitable system for chilled ceilings; very popular for open plan spaces
  • Suitable for corridors and traffic areas

Download catalogue:

AMF MONDENA® Product Catalogue

Perforations & Colours


Metal ceiling tiles with different perforations and colours can significantly affect and enhance the aesthetic and ambiance of a room. At the same time they provide excellent room acoustics. All of these variations contribute to helping each room come into its own.


Knauf AMF uses the colour pure white similar to RAL 9010 as standard colours. Of course, all other colors are available, for example, white aluminum similar to RAL 9006 or grey aluminum RAL 9007.

The ceiling becomes a design element for interiors.

Hygiene powder coating for metal

For increased protection against bacteria and germs.

The active powder coating specifically prevents the formation and proliferation of bacteria by contact with humidity and thus reduces the risk of infection of various illnesses as bacteria cannot breed on the surface. The special coating is harmless to humans, animals and plants. The smooth, hygienically optimised surface limits the spread of bacterial cultures and actively and effectively fights them. Active protection from microorganisms that are deposited on the surface is achieved. The special coating is extremely water repellent and can therefore be cleaned frequently.

Possible application areas:

Sanitary facilities, laboratories, commercial kitchens, hospitals, highly frequented areas in public buildings and areas with increased hygiene requirements

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