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THERMATEX® dB Acoustic


THERMATEX® dB Acoustic

THERMATEX® dB Acoustic offers the right solution for increased sound attenuation requirements.

The ceiling tile has excellent physical properties as well as very good sound absorption values. At the same time, the simple, harmonious surface design is impressive.



Attributes / Features

  • Building material class: A2-s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-01
  • Fire-resistance class: F30 - F90 according to DIN 4102 part 2 (according to test certificate)REI30 - REI90 according to EN 13501 part 2 (according to test certificate)
  • Sound absorption: DIN EN ISO 354αw = 0,65(H) according to DIN EN ISO 11654NRC=0,70 according to ASTM C 423
  • Sound attenuation: Dn,f,w = 41 dB according to DIN EN ISO 10848(24 mm Thickness, according to test certificate) Dn,f,w = 43 dB according to DIN EN ISO 10848(30 mm Thickness, according to test certificate)
  • Humidity resistance: up to 95% relative humidity
  • Light reflection: for white similar to RAL 9010 glare-free approx. 88%
  • Thermal conductivity: λ = 0,052-0,057 W/mK according to DIN 52612
  • Air permeability: PM1 (≤ 30 m³/hm²) according to DIN 18177
  • Colour: White similar to RAL 9010;

Scope of application

  • System A
  • System C
  • System F
  • System I

Acoustical absorption values

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