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THERMATEX® Sonic arc classic

THERMATEX Ceiling Rafts

THERMATEX® Sonic arc classic

Particularly elegant designs can be created using a varying arrangement of THERMATEX® Sonic concave and convex elements. The use of different colours enables interesting contrast effects. There are no limits to the architect‘s or designer’s imagination in creating ever new spatial effects.



Attributes / Features

  • Humidity resistance: up to 90% relative humidity
  • Formats: rectangle konvex, rectangle konkav
  • Dimension: max. 1180 x 1910 mm
  • Thickness: 35 mm
  • Inside micrometer: 91 mm
  • Weight / Raft (inkl. suspensions): 16,0 kg
  • Frame material: Steel
  • Frame colours: white, RAL colors available on request
  • Surface / Colour: Fleece coating white
  • Mounting: wire suspension


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AMF THERMATEX® Product Catalogue Europe May 2019 Produktkatalog
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