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THERMATEX® Varioline SF Metal


THERMATEX® Varioline SF Metal

The grid construction of the acoustic ceiling THERMATEX® Varioline SF Metal is almost completely concealed by a special edge, except for a narrow shadow gap, making the profiles almost unnoticeable.

As installation only takes place from below, THERMATEX® Varioline SF Metal has a minimal installation height and is therefore particularly suited to refurbishment projects. A simple shift along the profile makes the removal and insertion of individual ceiling tiles easy.

At the same time, the non-visible perforation within the ceiling material achieves very good sound absorption results and is applied with a metal tile décor in a typical perforation pattern in contrasting black.



Attributes / Features

  • Building material class: A2-s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-01
  • Fire-resistance class: F30 according to DIN 4102 part 2 (according to test certificate)REI30 according to EN 13501 part 2 (according to test certificate)
  • Sound absorption: DIN EN ISO 354αw = 0,65(H) according to DIN EN ISO 11654NRC=0,70 according to ASTM C 423
  • Sound attenuation: Dn,f,w = 40 dB(Semi-concealed system, according to test certificate) according to DIN EN ISO 10848
  • Humidity resistance: up to 95% relative humidity
  • Thermal conductivity: λ = 0,052-0,057 W/mK according to DIN 52612
  • Air permeability: PM1 (≤ 30 m³/hm²) according to DIN 18177
  • Surface design: Perforation picture

Scope of application

  • System C

Acoustical absorption values

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128 Pages
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