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Optimal room acoustics despite little space


WeightlessAMF THERMATEX® and HERADESIGN® Baffles

AMF THERMATEX® and HERADESIGN® Baffles are an effective solution for providing a room with significantly better acoustics, when the available ceiling and wall surfaces are insufficient for optimum sound absorption. The sound absorbing, rectangular panels are suspended vertically from the ceiling and are sound absorbing on both sides, lowering the noise level in a room and improving the acoustics. For an extraordinary, weightless look, baffles can be fixed using almost invisible stainless steel cables.

Modern architecture uses hard reflective materials such as glass, steel and concrete, usually this means there is only limited space available for the acoustic absorption that is needed to provide a comfortable acoustic environment.
A baffle system provides a very good opportunity to absorb sound and improve the room acoustics sustainable. Subsequent acoustic optimization of buildings is often very complex. Not always installing a suspended ceiling is possible to adjust the room at an acceptable reverberation time. Our baffle solutions can be retrofitted quickly and easily and offer additionally many architectural design options, even the highest design demands.

Construction variants:

  • THERMATEX® Baffle classic
  • THERMATEX® Baffle color
  • THERMATEX® baffle exclusive
  • HERADESIGN® Baffles

Baffle constuction variants

  • THERMATEX® Baffle classic

    THERMATEX® Baffle classic

    The fleece-coated classic white surface of the THERMATEX® Baffle Classic series unite function with a timeless, modest aesthetic. The system is mainly used where high value is placed on a clear optic and subtle appearance without compromising on optimising room acoustics. More about THERMATEX® Baffle classic
  • THERMATEX® Baffel colour

    THERMATEX® Baffle colour

    In addition to acoustic optimisation, THERMATEX® Baffle Colour offers a wide range of design possibilities. The front faced acoustic fleece is available in different colours and can be combined in any way giving every room a unique, distinctive design and fulfilling the highest room acoustic requirements. More about THERMATEX® Baffle colour

  • THERMATEX®  Baffle Exclusive

    THERMATEX® Baffle exclusive

    THERMATEX® Baffel exclusive products open up a new level of quality in terms of design and aesthetics. The highly absorbing baffle system does not just provide excellent room acoustics, but also offers an almost infinite number of possibilities for lively and modern interior design. The fleece-coated surface decor can be printed to your requirements offering a high degree of individuality and design freedom. More about THERMATEX® Baffle exclusive
  • HERADESIGN® Baffles

    HERADESIGN® Baffles

    Acoustic solutions that create an end-to-end ceiling area are not always possible or required. Baffles – vertically suspended acoustic elements – provide a solution.
    Baffles have a 25 mm thick mineral wool core that is surrounded by wood wool elements on both sides. Besides leaving the ceiling visible, the baffles also have other advantages: in production halls they can be suspended selectively in order to ensure intense sound absorption in focussed areas.
    More about HERADESIGN® Baffles

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