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HistoryTradition that connects.

The history of Knauf AMF

Knauf AMF GmbH & Co. KG has a very long history - it started as Atex paper mill in 1889 in the Bavarian city of Grafenau. In 1963 followed a decisive step ...

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Our responsibility

  • Sustainability


    At Knauf AMF sustainability begins during product development. For example, through the selection of raw materials, the closed material cycle in the manufacturing process or the markedly long life-cycle and recyclability of the products. More about sustainability
  • Raw materials and production

    Raw materials and production

    When selecting raw materials for AMF THERMATEX® products, Knauf AMF puts the greatest possible emphasis on natural materials. Clay, perlite, bio-soluble mineral wool and starch from corn and potatoes are used. Resource-friendly production is for us a matter of course. Energy optimised production planning, a closed water system within the plant and re-use of off-cuts and rejected goods are just a few examples of this. Read more
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KnaufCombining expertise and creating value

Strong together!

Innovative thinking and openness to technological innovations determine the Knauf company strategy. Knauf is constantly working to perfect construction and refurbishments and to make everything more efficient.

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Jobs and Career

Knauf AMF as an employer

Knauf AMF as an employer

At Knauf AMF unconventional ideas are needed and masterminds welcome! Join us: as an apprentice, trainee, student, professional or executive.

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